Summary of【Hong Kong】Travel Guide 2019

1. Hong Kong Dukling Harbour Cruise Board a Chinese sailing boat and enjoy the Victoria Harbour! The retro style on board and the cosmopolitan fashion atmosphere form a strong contrast. The Dukling is a typical Chinese sailing boat. 150 years ago, it was this kind of sailing boat that traversed Hong Kong waters. Originally owned by fishermen, the ship sailed for more than 60 years on the sea…
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【Ocean Park Hong Kong】Travel Guide 2019

Ocean Park Hong Kong, popularly known as Ocean Park, barely needs introduction particularly to travel enthusiasts. The park is a perfect escape destination for shows, tours, roller coaster rides, kids and family activities among other fascinating activities. Whether you want…

【Hong Kong Disneyland】2019 Events and Tips

【Hong Kong Disneyland】2019 Events calendar and introduction Have you ever dreamt of going to a breathtaking paradise that is full of wonders? Well, Hong Kong Disneyland will make your dreams come true! With its various attractions, the magical place will absolutely…